Mihir M. Kamdar, MD

Mihir M. Kamdar, MD

Associate Director, Palliative Care Division, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Director, Cancer Pain Clinic, MGH

Attending, Palliative Care and Anesthesia Pain Medicine, MGH

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Educational and professional experience
2001-2005 MD, Emory University School of Medicine
2005-2008 Internal Medicine Residency, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
2008-2009 Fellowship, Harvard Palliative Medicine Fellowship
2009-2010 Fellowship, MGH Anesthesia Pain Medicine Fellowship
2010 - Staff Attending, Palliative Care and Anesthesia Pain Medicine, MGH
Instructor, Harvard Medical School


Current teaching and research interests

Education is an incredibly important aspect of Mihir M. Kamdar, MD's work, and one that he values and enjoys greatly. On a daily basis, he supervises fellows in both palliative care and anesthesia pain medicine in both outpatient and inpatient settings. He has helped to develop palliative care curricula for the MGH Gynecology-Oncology department, the MGH Pain Fellowship, as well as a curriculum for mid-tier countries who are developing palliative care.

Dr. Kamdar is the Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee for the MGH Anesthesia Pain Fellowship and also serves on the MGH Pain Fellowship Selection Committee. He also serves as a mentor for the Harvard Palliative Medicine Fellowship, and co-facilitates the journal club for its fellows. Beyond direct trainee education, he has been fortunate to lecture locally, regionally, and nationally at both palliative care and anesthesia pain medicine conferences.

Dr. Kamdar's research interests center on the management of refractory cancer pain and the advancement of the field of palliative care. His research has involved the development of smartphone applications to better manage outpatient cancer pain, early palliative care integration, and trials of novel pharmacologics and procedures for refractory cancer pain. Lastly, Dr. Kamdar also has an interest in exploring strategies to optimize cancer pain management in developing countries.